Mary Jane Shoes In The Summer

The Right Way To Sport Mary Jane Shoes In The Summer

Warm weather goes away and seems like it will never come back. During the harsh winter months, it can be easy to forget that the sun will soon blaze hotter than ever before and beaches and all-day picnics will be the rule and not the exception. The Mary Jane brand of shoes is well-known for their summer collections and you can bet that when the warm months roll around, they’ll always have a new lineup of fashionable summer shoes ready for you to buy.

Popular summer shoes vary by year but Mary Jane’s focus is women’s and girl’s shoes. They have a wonderful menu of flats, heels, clogs and mules, and of course, sneakers. Mary Janes should be more lightweight in the summer to allow you to have more mobility for that annual summer play. Especially girls need lighter shoes that also might allow for breathability. This makes clogs and mules perfect for formal summer activities due to their openness.

Colors will also vary on Mary Jane shoes in the summer. You’ll find a lot more warm-weather patterns, with light blues, floral patterns, and even golds to usher in the brightness of the season. Mary Jane shoes features extremely comfortable materials and pleasing patterns, but most of all they pay tribute to the classic Mary Jane shoes that Americans fell in love with in the early 1930’s, a time when America was much different than it is today.

Back to summer. If you’re looking forward to summer, Mary Jane shoes are the perfect summer shoes. Interestingly enough, original Mary Jane shoes could be worn by either sex but that quickly disappeared in favor of them being worn by girls. Very few girls will go through their entire childhood without wearing a pair of classic Mary Jane shoes. The classic design features a strap across the instep. Few women don’t instantly know what you mean when you say Mary Jane shoes which is remarkable considering their almost 100 year history.

What makes Mary Jane shoes so popular in the summer? Their formal look and feel make them perfect for little girls who love to take in formal activities with a lot of comfort. And who doesn’t appreciate comfort? Women might eventually switch to other more modern styles of the shoes, but they still make the perfect formal shoe for just about any summer activity.

As the popular shoes continue to make their mark on United States history, little girls and grown women love to grab a few pairs for the summer. Sales on shoes typically hit the internet and stores a couple months before summer so that when the warm weather months do role around, people are able to stock up for every summer occasion. These shoes will always hold a special place in the memories of women around the country but they don’t have to be stuck in memory. They can still form an important part of new memories for summer.

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